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HGV Truck

HGV Insurance

Owner of 1 or a fleet of HGV's and looking for the  HGV Vehicle  insurance cover at reasonable price. We can help by providing multiple quotes from 20 plus UK insurance brokers. How? Simple select the FAST Quote option and complete an inquiry form and a few minutes later you will start receiving offers of cover from these panel of UK brokers. 

Recovery Truck

breakdown recovery Truck Insurance

Recovery Truck insurance need not be expensive. We can provide quotes for cover for one or a range of recovery vehicles. Start by selecting the FAST Quote and completing the inquiry form. Minutes later you will be inundated with competitive quotes from 20 plus UK based brokers

Flat Bed Lorry

flatbed insurance

Need a Quote for an Insurance Quote for  flat bed lorry? We provide not 1 quote but over 20 quotes from  UK  brokers. Simply complete a 2 minute online inquiry form , available by selecting the FAST quote option.

Business Van 

flatbed insurance

Get a business van insurance quote from multiple suppliers in under 5 minutes byby selecting the FAST quote option.

 Truck Insurance Quotes from over 20 UK suppliers in minutes

Driver CPC: the basics

Driver CPC stands for 'Certificate of Professional Competence'. This is to ensure that bus, coach and lorry drivers are continually kept abreast UK safety on and off the road and carries on throughout your driving career.


horse box trailer insurance

We can help lower the costs of your annual or monthly insurance premiums. How? By providing multiple quotes from top UK broker specialists for your horsebox trailer insurance. Get started now by selecting the  FAST Quote option. After completing a simple inquiry form competitive quotes will start to flood into your inbox a few minutes later. 

Dump  Truck

tripper truck insurance

If you are in the Truck Tipper business then we can help by proving you with an array of exclusive quotes for your business within minutes. How ?  Go compare 20 plus UK providers of comprehensive and third party cover by completing a simple online enquiry form and received the bet quotes online available today.  Start by comparing the Tipper truck insurance options we have available. 

 Lorry Insurance

Lorry Insurance

The lorry insurance options offer a wide range of cover based on the requirements of each individual.

 Truck Insurance Quotes from over 20 UK suppliers in minutes

Quick Reference to types of Haulage Vehicles

Articulated Lorries (Artics) are the main vehicle category to transport goods by road. This combines a tractor unit with a trailer using a   turn-table device.  Artics have different types of trailers some of the most common are listed below:

  • Flatbed trailer - Most versatile and can be used for almost any kind of cargo one disadvantage is that the  goods need to be protected from the elements and theft.
  • Tilt trailer -  Similar to the flat bed trailer, but with a removable canopy.
  • Curtain-sider - Most common vehicle for road haulage and comes with a rigid roof and rear doors. The sides are PVC curtains that can be drawn back for easy loading and unloading.
  • Box trailer - Boxed rigid unit, with loading through back doors. A must for long haulage or for valuable goods.
  • Road train - a rigid vehicle at the front, which pulls a trailer behind it.
  • Swap-body system -Not common and have designed to accommodate standard cargo containers. 
  • Low-loaders - Can be  used for transporting heavy machinery and other outsize goods. Set low to the ground for easy loading.

 Truck Insurance Quotes from over 20 UK suppliers in minutes










The total weight transmitted to the road by all the wheels on one axle.

The weight of a vehicle and its load.

The weight of a vehicle, a trailer and its load. PLATED WEIGHT

Either the design weight limit given on a manufacturer’s plate or the legal weight limit given on the Department’s plate

Any vehicle drawn by a motor vehicle.

A trailer pulled by a rigid vehicle.

A trailer forming part of an articulated vehicle.

A tractor unit with a semi-trailer attached where part of the load is borne by the drawing vehicle.