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flatbed insurance

We can provide multiple quotes online for tipper insurance. Compare policy costs with multiple brokers in under 5 minutes by selecting the FAST quote option.  Inclusion of public liability should be considered as an addition to your standard policy.


breakdown recovery Truck Insurance

Recovery Truck insurance need not be expensive. We can provide quotes for   your recovery vehicle. Start by selecting FAST Quote and completing the inquiry form. Minutes later you will be inundated with competitive quotes from 20 plus UK brokers.


HGV Insurance

Owner driver of a Heavy goods vehicle and looking for HGV insurance  at a reasonable price. We can help by providing multiple quotes from 20 plus UK insurance brokers. How? Simply select the FAST Quote option and complete an inquiry form.


Pick Up Truck Insurance

Get quick pick up truck insurance quotes for your privately owned or business pickup. Cover available for under 25's plus any driver fully comprehensive or third party only. 

Flat Bed Lorry

flatbed insurance

Need flat bed lorry insurance? We provide not 1 quote but over 20 quotes from UK  brokers. Simply complete a 2 minute online inquiry form, available by selecting the FAST quote option.

Skip Lorry 

Skip Lorry Insurance

Need cover for your skip lorry or fleet of Skip Lorries? We are able to provide  skip lorry insurance quotes from a panel of UK brokers and underwriters enabling fast and easy comparison of owner operators .


We can help lower the costs of your annual or monthly insurance premiums. How? By providing multiple quotes from top UK broker for your horse trailer insurance. Get started by selecting the FAST Quote option.  We not only cover 3.5 and 7.5 tonne horseboxes, but also  trailer insurance.

Dump Truck

If you are in the dumper business then we can help by providing you with an multiple quotes for your commercial dumper. How? Complete one  simple online enquiry form. Dumper truck insurance  multiple quotes online in minutes.

 Lorry Insurance

Lorry insurance options that offer a wide range of cover tailored to meet the requirements of each owner driver. Consider the level of cover that you may need. For example it is normally a good  idea to include contents cover in your lorry insurance package.


Compare the cost of commercial truck insurance with multiple UK brokers in minutes by completing one simple online form. Making cost comparisons is one step to  reducing the cost of your annual premiums

“A motor vehicle, every trailer drawn thereby and all parts and accessories of such vehicle and trailer shall at all times be in such condition at all times be such, that no danger is caused or is likely to be caused to any person in or on the vehicle or trailer or on a road. Also no motor vehicle or trailer shall be used for any purpose for which it is so unsuitable as to cause or be likely to cause danger or nuisance to any person in or on the vehicle or trailer or on a road.”

The Road Vehicles Construction & Use regulations state:

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 Truck Insurance Quotes from over 20 UK suppliers in minutes

Driver CPC: the basics

Driver CPC stands for 'Certificate of Professional Competence'. This is to ensure that bus, coach and lorry drivers are continually kept abreast UK safety on and off the road and carries on throughout your driving career.

 Truck Insurance Quotes from over 20 UK suppliers in minutes

EU Drivers Hours Rules
EU Drivers Hours Rules apply to all drivers of large goods vehicles (LGVs) over 3.5 tonnes. The EU Drivers Hours Rules are used to set limits for daily, weekly and nightly driving. They also specify minimum break times for drivers during a working day, along with daily and weekly rest periods.
Walk Around Check for Recovery Vehicles
To ensure your vehicle remains legal it is best practice to perform a walk around check before each trip. This is even more applicable in bad weather or when the vehicle you drive may change based on shift patterns should you be working for a large recovery company with a fleet of recovery pickups. For a complete comprehensive guide with advise and tips please refer to this government complied document for drivers of recovery trucks.
Truck driving safety tips
Truck drivers have a challenging job which exposes them to multiple risks. They often put in extended work hours and have to handle the heavy vehicles in different climatic conditions. Safety measures should therefore be a top priority for all truck drivers.
5 tips To Guard your Cargo
Have you stopped to consider how much money is being lost by your company on lost cargo or freight? Just one trailer load can amount to thousands of pounds. It is your responsibility to keep the cargo safe whilst you are in charge of the consignment.
Leaving Space is no 1 Driving tip
Number 1 tip is always keep your distance the more equates to lower chance of collision, think of driving on deserted highway. The most common form of collision is the rear collision, someone driving too close or not paying attention to the truck or car in front and slams into your rear. However you do have some control , if for example this happens and you do need to stop or slow down , do it gradually so that the driver behind can stop in time .

Quick Reference to types of Haulage Vehicles


  • AXLE WEIGHT : The total weight transmitted to the road by all the wheels on one axle.
  • GROSS VEHICLE WEIGHT: The weight of a vehicle and its load.
  • TRAIN WEIGHT: The weight of a vehicle, a trailer and its load. PLATED WEIGHT.
  • PLATED WEIGHT: Either the design weight limit given on a manufacturer’s plate or the legal weight limit given on the Department’s plate
  • DRAW-BAR TRAILER:  A trailer pulled by a rigid vehicle.
  • SEMI-TRAILER: A trailer forming part of an articulated vehicle.
  • ARTICULATED VEHICLE: A tractor unit with a semi-trailer attached where part of the load is borne by the drawing vehicle.

Highways Agency warns tailgaters that 'only a fool breaks the 2-second rule'

 Truck Insurance UK - Get Multiple Quotes Online

 Multiple Quotes in Minutes : Complete a Minute Inquiry Form : Start select FAST Quote

  • All commercial trucks from lorries to tankers
  • Cover available 7.5 - 44 Tonnes
  • Save up to 35% on truck Insurance