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Example of the type of vehicles that can be insured 

Cover is Available for any Commercial vehicle from Van to Truck

  • Tippers : We can provide multiple quotes online for tipper insurance. Compare policy costs with multiple brokers by selecting the the GET Quotes option.  Inclusion of public liability should be considered as an addition to your standard policy.
  • Recovery Vehicles: Recovery  vehicle cover need not be expensive. We have partnered QuoteSearcher who can provide quotes for your recovery vehicle. Start by selecting Get Quotes and complete one easy form. 
  • HGV: Owner driver of a Heavy goods vehicle and looking for HGV insurance  at a reasonable price? We can help you compare the market by providing multiple quotes from UK brokering agents. How? Simply select the GET Quotes option and complete one simple online form.
  • Pickup: Get pick up truck insurance quotes for your privately owned or business pickup. Cover available for under 25's plus any driver. Full range of options from fully comprehensive to third party only. 
  • Flat Beds: Need flat bed lorry cover? We provide multiple quotes from UK  brokers. Simply complete a simple inquiry form, available by selecting the GET quotes option.
  • Skip Lorries: Need cover for your skip lorry or fleet of skip lorries? We are able to provide  skip lorry insurance quotes from a panel of UK brokers and underwriters enabling fast and easy of cover options available for owner operators .

How to reduce the cost of truck insurance

Telematics :What is telematics and can it reduce my annual or month;y truck insurance premium? Simply put a device is added to your truck and yes it can reduce your truck insurance premium. The purpose of which is to record data on how the rig is driven and will include the following:

  • Rate of acceleration
  • Average speed and speed peaks
  • Severity of braking
  • Ability to steer smoothly

To some this may seem like big brother watching. However,  it can lead to reduced insurance claims which can then lead to a lower annual insurance premium for your trucking business. For example the data can be used to find how driving can be improved and providing additional training in these areas. If you do introduce telematics do consider adding a competitive factor for example by rewarding the best drivers or make it a team competition. 

If approached correctly adding these data gathering devices can lead to improved driving and thus less accidents. Which will result in less time your trucks are spent off the road being repaired. Other advantages also exist in for example showing routes that are congested or hazardous, enabling you to react and make changes. This will lead to an increase in delivery speed  whilst reducing the risk of an accident.

Driver background check: Drivers that have a history of claims will increase your insurance costs as they will obviously be seen as an added risk, also drivers under 25 will incur a higher premium based on age and accident statistics, so whilst the young driver may be one of the better drivers in the eyes of the underwriter he/she are seen as extra risk. Choosing your drivers based on the impact on your insurance costs would be a wise choice. 

Tighten up on security: Making your vehicles secure and safe should help to bring down the premium price ever further, safe secure parking with additional safety devices ( insurance industry approved ) such as immobiliser, GPS tracking devices and black boxes will help lower your annual or monthly insurance premiums

Do you need any driver?: If possible limit your policy to named driver or drivers, but if needed any driver insurance is also available at a slightly higher cost.  

Reduce admin costs: Simply arranging one annual payment will lead towards less overheads for everyone in the insurance loop, resulting in lower costs which should be passed onto you in terms of a lower premium.Choosing your drivers based on the impact on your 

Fleet insurance: Often overlooked, but if you have more than one vehicle it will pay to consider taking out fleet cover instead of taking out individual policies. 

Types of truck insurance available

The purchase of third party cover is a legal requirement. Without it you or your business would be open to claims that if excessive could close down your profitable operation. Many types of accident can happen even when being extra careful that is why they are called accidents. The insurance package can also cover goods in transit, personal liability and loss of earnings.Depending on the type of business you may also wish to cover tools, machinery, cargo and goods transported or held in storage. Quotes can easily be tailored to the owner operators individual needs, providing the necessary cover to ensure you are not at financial risk as a result of an operating accident.Having your trucking business covered with adequate protection can let you get on with running your business without concerns for possible future claims against you or one of drivers

What is included and excluded a truck's insurance policy will depend on your actual requirements. Have you one or many vehicles if the latter a fleet policy would most likely work out cheaper than insuring the trucks individually.  It is important to get the correct level of cover, but also not to over insurance. Examine all inclusions  having any driver when in fact you will be the only driver would be an example of over insurance

  • Minimum Insurance: Third party which is the legal minimum , third party fire & theft and fully comprehensive are all available.
  • Cover for contents: Most trucks are employed in the transportation of goods. The goods can very from high tech gadgets to poisonous chemicals to give just 2 examples from a multitude. The goods being transported can be valuable and highly sought after by criminals so it is incumbent upon you to ensure you have cover in place should they get stolen or damaged whist in your custody. Getting suitable cover can some times be tricky, for example some brokers will have a list of items that they exclude from cover. Another broker will only offer cover whilst in transit and not stationary in a parking bay fro example. As such please ensure that you are covered for they type of goods that you will be transporting. If take on anew new contract hauling a different item than your norm do contact your brokers to ensure that your also covered for that. 
  • Legal Fees: Should an action be taken against you that you wish to counter in the court large legal fees may prohibit you defending your business. As a result it is common for many truck businesses to include legal fees in their truck insurance policies. 
  • Public Liability: This cover will protect you and your business against claims from a third party that has been injured  or property damages by your own negligence.
  • Public Liability: This cover will protect you and your business against claims from a third party that has been injured  or property damages by your own negligence.
  • Fleet Insurance: If you operate more than one truck it will most likely be advantageous to you to purchase fleet cover. This type of cover has many advantages of insuring vehicles individually cost and time saved being the top 2. Most brokers will offer fleet cover for  2 or more vehicles of any type, truck and car for example. 

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