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Green Card and Truck Drivers - Brexit

Green Cards will be required for truck drivers if Brexit goes through

Will Green Cards will be required for truck drivers if Brexit goes through?

Truck and lorry drivers who cross the border in and out of the UK to the EU will have to be ready for a change if the Brexit goes through. The biggest change will be in the documentation that will be required including Green Cards.

What will be required to get a Green Card for travel to the EU?

To travel into the European Union after a hard Brexit occurs will require a Green Card for UK citizens. This includes all the truck drivers that regularly transport goods across the border. To get a Green Card requires a valid passport that has at least 2 full blank pages and an additional valid UK issued ID like a drivers license along with proof of insurance coverage that covers travel in the EU.

The biggest issue will be the proof of truck insurance coverage while on the roads in the EU for the truck and lorry drivers. This has to be proven before a Green Card will be issued. There is one alternative to having your UK insurance protecting you on the roads in the EU. You can purchases a policy from an EU insurance company for coverage while in the EU. The minimum amount of coverage required by EU law is third party insurance.

What is the cost of a Green Card?

It has already been stated by the Department for Transportation that the issuing of green cards will be free, but there is a catch and it is not from a government.  There has been some talk that insurance companies will charge a processing fee or other administration fee for all coverage that will include travel to the EU from the UK.

When does this Green Card Policy go into effect?

If no deal is made on Brexit by March 29, 2019, the Brexit will be classified as a hard split and Green Cards will be required to pass into the UK for EU citizens. The reverse will be true for UK citizens to pass into the EU they will be required to have a Green Card.

How long does the processing of a Green Card take?

It has been suggested that travelers apply for a Green Card should do so at least 30 days before they travel to the EU from the UK. For truck and lorry drivers to pass the border on and after March 29th they must possess a Green Card if no Brexit plan is decided on by the governments involved. That is now less than 60 days away.

It is always best to be prepared. In the case of UK drivers now is the time to consult with your insurance agent to see how a hard Brexit will affect your insurance coverage. As of this date no change is anticipated for EU driving rules.  If you still have questions our knowledgeable independent insurance brokers are available to assist you.

What is the Best Refrigerated Van?

What is the Best Refrigerated Van?

The best refrigerated vans in the UK are purpose built vehicles but not from the factory. These specialty vehicles are converted by professional outfits that only do this type of work. The better the reputation of the conversion company, the lower your truck insurance will be in part due to the availability of parts necessary for repairs and the quality of their work.

What Makes of Vans are most commonly converted to Refrigerator Vans?

It is true any van can be converted to a refrigerator van, but the following list is the most common and the correct parts are readily available for installation and repairs.

  • citroen
  • Ford
  • Mercedes
  • Nissan
  • Peugeot
  • Renault

Both the refrigerator van and a freezer van do keep the contents at a constant temperature, the construction of the vehicle and the temperature ranges are different.

The refrigerator van has a temperature range of 0C to 8C. The walls of the van are insulated to contain the cooler temperatures that can be up to 3” thick. On the back at the opening of the doors there are also either plastic strips or a curtain to help minimize the loss of cold air so it is easier to maintain a constant temperature.

The freezer van has a temperature range of -30C to 0C. The insulation of the cargo area is thicker than what is required for a refrigerator van because of the colder temperatures that are at a minimum of 3” or more. These also have plastic strips or a curtain to help keep the cargo’s air temperature as constant as possible when the doors are open.

While it is possible to use a freezer van as a refrigerator van, it is not recommended to use a refrigerator van as a freezer van due to the possible variation of maintaining the colder temperature properly.

What type of insulation can be used?

In the past many van conversion companies used spray insulation. This has given way to solid insulation being installed similar to what is used in most homes. This solid insulation is then covered with a barrier that is most often metal on the floor and a light weight composite material on the walls and ceiling.

The problems with spray insulation are as follows

  • Uneven application
  • The heat from the application distorts the panels of the van where it is sprayed
  • The cover material most often used was wood over the wood base structure that added additional weight to the vehicle and reduced the payload area of the cargo space.

How to Save Money on Truck Insurance for a Refrigerator Van

An eco-friendly refrigerant is a great way to keep your refrigerator van cool and not harm the environment. R600a is made from isobutane and does not deplete the ozone layer when it leaks out of the refrigerator system. It is not as efficient as R134, but can still do the job. Many truck insurance companies do provide a discount for using the eco-friendly refrigerant. One of our friendly truck insurance brokers can assist you in getting this discount if available in your area.