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  • All commercial trucks from lorries to tankers
  • Cover available 7.5 - 44 Tonnes

Commercial Truck Insurance for both Private and Business Use

Commercial  insurance is both a legal requirement and a social responsibility. The minimum level required to drive on the UK network is third party. We can offer all levels of cover with option to add additional extras such as GIT cover.  By completing one online inquiry form we can circulate your requirements to multiple UK commercial insurance brokers.  These brokers backed by underwriters will then provide you or your company with individual commercial online quotes. Remember accidents can happen at any time and is also a legal requirement.   After all, these vehicles are big that they can do substantial damage to an individual or property in the case of an accident. These trucks can weigh anywhere from 7.5 tonnes up to 44 tonnes. Cement trucks, delivery trucks, front loaders, pickup trucks, and garbage trucks are among those classified as commercial trucks in the UK.

Trucks are also prone to accidents. Even the most experienced drivers can make a mistake on the road, resulting in a crash. In 2016, it was reported that motorway accidents involving foreign lorries had gone up by 14 percent. Moreover, trucks aren’t cheap vehicles at all. Repair of these commercial vehicles can be very expensive with replacement parts further bringing up the costs.

Purchasing truck cover is thus a good way to protect an investment. It can shield policy holders from financial losses brought about by an accident, or goods being lost to fire, theft, or damage. Moreover, it can establish a trucking firm’s reputation as trustworthy and reliable.

Commercial Truck Policy Options

Commercial truck insurance
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    Primary liability coverage or Third Party  -  the most basic coverage required by law, this covers expenses to damages and physical injuries as a result of an accident. It can also cover costs associated with damages caused to a third party 
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    General liability coverage—it provides third party coverage to commercial trucking companies. It can cover the policyholder against liability claims for property damage and bodily injury. Some of the exposures that this type of coverage can protect policyholders from are a client slipping and falling in the trucker’s office, or the truck delivering goods to the wrong destination.
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    Physical Damage coverage—it can cover dents, scratches, and collision marks to the truck.
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    Cargo insurance : this provides insurance to the goods hauled by the trucking company. It covers liability for lost or damaged cargo due to various causes like fire or collision. Do read policy details as exclusions can exist.
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    Bobtail liability insurance— this keeps your truck covered when it is not being commissioned, or moving without a trailer in tow.

Tips for lower insurance Premiums

Given that cover for commercial trucks is more expensive than a standard auto cover, it is not surprising that owners are looking for for lower cost insurance for their vehicle or vehicles.  Below are some practical steps that can be taken and may help you reduce the costs of your annual commercial premium.

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    Get multiple quotes:  It's always a good idea to get as many quotes as possible, and purchasing the best deal available taking into consideration the features of the policy as well.
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    Securing the vehicle: Installing alarms and tracking software can make the truck less likely to be stolen and thus qualify for a lower premium.
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    Increase the Excess : By increasing the excess you are taking more responsibility should an accident happen and the underwriter will normally reward this a reduced premium quote 
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    Black box :  Many apps now exist that monitor the driver and driver reactions to everyday driving hazards. The app can build a table of data on important driver metrics. The result can then be used to deduce how likely or unlikely the candidate is to be involved in a road accident and also the type of accident (small or major) .  If the results are in your favor the premium should go down. Alternatively if the diagnostic program labels you as high risk, expect higher premiums or in some cases refusal of the broker to provide cover.
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    Drivers : If you are running a commercial operation that employs driver ensure that you have a screening process that help you select skilled driver with a proven history of no claims.

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  • All trucks from lorries to tankers
  • Cover available 7.5 - 44 Tonnes
  • Save up to 35% on truck Insurance
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