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Before you purchase a truck insurance policy to protect your dumper truck business it is essential to take your time and study the details to fully understand your obligations and that of the underwriter. Also, review premium costs, the extent of cover provided and any deductibles payable. Not forgetting the reputation of the underwriter in efficiently processing insurance claims.

The most common dump truck is used extensively in the construction industry and has a hydraulic ram mounted behind the drive cabin which will lift and lower the dumper chassis. This enables the driver to easily offload the trailer contents. This category is also commonly referred to in the UK  as tipper truck .  Other variants and much heavier and larger are referred to as transfer dump trucks, these vehicles are so large the are transported from one location to another.

Getting multiple dumper truck insurance quotes is the first step into making significant savings on your annual or monthly premiums.  When selecting a policy that meets with your requirements it will help if you can classify how your truck will be used as this will be important in arriving at a policy that will provide the correct level  of cover.   A general classification for a dump truck would be a heavy-duty truck with a rear trailer that tilts backward offloading its load. We have listed the key configurations that dump trucks fall into below, but be aware many other variants of this popular work horse exist.

Be aware of potential dangers when driving a dump truck

Like tippers it is very  important to be aware of the specific hazards that can arise that are specific to this type of vehicle.  Often overlooked is the fact that excessive speed reduces the normal braking distance. In addition speed increases the likelihood of the load in the dumper section shifting which leads to the dumper "bouncing" which can be very dangerous for the inexperienced dumper driver. So be forewarned it is wise to drive at a moderate speed to ensure proper braking a smoother ride all leading to a reduced risk of  making a claim against your policy. A good history of no claims will help bring down that cost of future annual premiums.

Dumper Truck Insurance

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