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Refrigerated Van Insurance

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Compare Refrigerated Insurance

Simply put refrigerated vans have a closed back van with a refrigeration system in the box section. They are typically used in the transportation perishable items and you’ll frequently see them on the roads here in the UK, carrying deliveries to supermarkets or the local butcher. Many brokers provide van insurance including Tesco, Aviva and Churchill's 

What’s the best type of insurance cover for my fridge van?

If you are the owner of either a single or fleet of refrigerated vans your insurance should cover at the very least third party. Also you should have coverage that will protect you from any liability in the event that the refrigeration unit breaks down. If this should happen any perishable goods inside could very possibly be ruined and will have to be replaced at either at your cost or the cost of your client. If you have the correct cover your insurance company will cover costs of replacement.

Refrigerated Van Insurance Companies

If you have been shopping for insurance, you’ve most likely found out that there are many insurance companies such as Tesco van insurance offering cover for refrigerated vans. Refrigerated cargo requires a special type of cover that not all agents are familiar with. You also may have found out that premium rates for refrigerated vehicles are higher than those for other types of commercial vehicles. Reason for this is simply that there are more risks that are associated with reefer drivers.

Fridge vans are a requirement for many professions and trades and we can provide cover for them all. Below is a small selection of the most popular fridge van categories that we are asked to insure 

  • Food Delivery Vans
  • Catering
  • Fish Mongers
  • Butchers

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