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A convicted HGV insurance policy can be difficult to get at times and nearly always more expensive than what others pay for cover. This is due to the increase in risk insurance firms place on the person convicted of a crime including drink driving.

How long does a drink driving conviction last on my record?

The drink driving conviction is known by the DR10 endorsement for first time offenders on a person’s driver’s licenses. This endorsement will be in place from the day of the conviction by the driver for drink driving until exactly 5 calendar years later at which time it will then be considered spent. In that 5 year span by law, anyone with this conviction must declare it when taking out an insurance policy.

What should be known is that the DR10 conviction will actually be on a person’s driver’s licenses for up to 11 years. The final 6 years do not have to be declared to an insurance firm, but the courts will know about it just in case there is another drink driving offense committed.

Can I get insurance right after my drink driving conviction?

The most common answer is no. On the day of a drink driving conviction, the license of the convicted will be banned from driving for up to 12 months for the first offense. Some courts permit the convicted driver to take a rehabilitation course that can reduce the length of the driving ban.

Is a speeding conviction classified as a criminal conviction?

No, a speeding conviction not a criminal conviction, but by having one, your insurance premium will increase. This increase is due to the added risk of insuring someone who does not always follow the rules of the road.

How can I save money on a convicted HGV insurance policy?

The reduction of risk as viewed by an insurance firm is the path to follow to lower your premium costs after a conviction. This can be accomplished for those convicted of speeding and drink driving offenses.

  • Installing a black box and dashcam in the vehicle.
  • The taking of an appropriate driving course directed to help improve the skills and knowledge which caused or contributed to the conviction.
  • Consult with a specialist insurance broker who handles convicted insurance policies.

For those drivers in need of convicted HGV insurance, be ready for a higher premium than what you paid before your conviction. By taking the suggested steps above to reduce your risk while on the road, you will see your insurance premiums get lower over time.  

About the Author Eamonn Turley