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Recovery Truck Insurance Private & Business Comparison

Recovery truck insurance can be expensive because the amount of time that you spend on the road puts you at a higher risk of being involved in a road accident. It is also noted that recovery truck drivers are aware of the dangers and drive accordingly make fewer claims. If you fall into this category it will still be possible to get a good price for recovery truck insurance as many brokers will want your business. 

What is the costs of recovery tuck insurance? 

recovery truck insurance

The cost of taking out recovey truck insurance will depend on many factors including the driver's history in terms of claims history  and naturally the level of coverage being sought. If you provide breakdown services wholly by yourself, you will need an owner driver recovery lorry insurance. On the other hand, if you operate a breakdown towing service on behalf of a national company such as the AA or RAC, the best cover to purchase would be simple recovery truck insurance. The type of vehicle(s) you have should also guide you in determining the type of protection to purchase.

The UK government has produced a recovery guide  document in order to help you. It is comprehensive and contains guidance and more on dealing with vehicle recoveries. In addition because these vehicles are on the road consider implementing safety check procedures . These will help you to reduce the number of claims and ultimately your final recovery truck insurance costs.

Levels of recovery recovery truck insurance available

Determining the right level of  truck recovery insurance for yourself or business is mainly a matter of deciding whether you want comprehensive or third party only or third party with fire and theft.

Factors to consider when looking when taking out a recovery truck insurance policy:

  • What are your liabilities (in terms of employees, public, and private)?
  • Do you need any driver insurance or cover for drivers under 25 or 23?
  • Coverage for loading and off loading - in the case of damage to other vehicles
  •  Coverage for liabilities with regards to the general public
  • roadside assistance, legal expenses, loss of license, and 24-hour claims hotline

Choosing a Recovery Truck Insurance Company

To run a successful towing recovery business, you need the right level of insurance in place. There are a number of underwriters that deal exclusively with insurance for the recovery business in the UK. However, do not just go for the first one you come across, you need to do your research to know whether the quote offered will be right for your particular business requirements.

The reputation of the company is another thing you should consider, choose a company that has a good reputation for dealing with claims in a timely manner.  The best way to do this is by Joining online trucker forums and finding out which other  truckers are saying or indeed recommending when it comes to truck insurance. Also, ask specific questions about the company you may be looking to do business with. Some of the questions you should ask include:

  • What is the extent of cover provided?
  • How long is the company known to take to pay off claims?
  • What is the average premiums I should expect?
  • Does the company offer custom quotes?
  • How does fleet insurance works for the specific company?
  • Are there any formal complaints made against the company?

Compare Recovery Truck Insurance with FAST Truck Insurance

The cost of recovery truck insurance can be a large part of your business operating budget. Therefore, you want to pay for only what is necessary. Use price comparison websites to get quotes from multiple insurance companies. Most companies offer no-obligation quotes. 

Compare the recovery truck insurance quotes and find out what you can do to further lower your premiums in terms of increasing the excess beefing up on your vehicle security. Also, make sure you understand the extent of the cover provided. The purpose is to find a broker's policy that provides the best cover at the lowest premium.

Recovery Truck Insurance UK

Protect your truck today. Compare quotes from multiple brokers.