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Keeping your truck road safe

Truck drivers have a challenging job which exposes them to multiple risks. They often put in extended work hours and have to handle the heavy vehicles in different climatic conditions. Safety measures should therefore be a top priority for all truck drivers. Here are a few safety tips for new truck drivers.

Ensure your truck is safe to drive

You should be familiar with the truck assigned to you and ensure that you take care of it as though it were your own. You should also inspect your truck regularly. Before embarking on any trip, ensure that you inspect it, checking the brakes, oil, water, and lights among other important parts to ensure that they are in the best working condition or level. 

Carrying out quick and simple checks will reduce accidents that could have been prevented by a simple safety check. With fewer accidents your truck insurance premium will be kept under control and may even go down. 

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    Air Brake Check : Before embarking on a comprehensive brake test make sure your truck is  on level ground with the park brake set.
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    Reduce Blind Spots : Driving a truck carrying huge containers compromises your vision of areas such as the back of the truck and immediately below the windshield. Statistics indicate that many truck-related accidents are caused by other vehicles approaching these blind spots. To reduce the occurrence of such accidents, it is important to increase your vision all round your truck. This can be done by extra mirrors installed at different angles.
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    Plan safety routes and secure cargo : Select the safest routes that have less pedestrians and vehicle traffic to use on your trip. It is also best to choose a route that is more familiar to you. To enhance safety, never overload your truck. You should also ensure that the load is properly secured to prevent it from falling off the truck. Proper loading and securing of the load also helps to maintain balance when you turning at sharp corners and tight curves.
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    Watch you speed : Drive the truck at a safe speed especially at high traffic areas and when turning. The weight of the truck has an impact on its momentum so you should always slow down well in advance when braking and turning. You can also enhance your safety and that of other road users by not tailgating. Keep a safe distance from the car in front of you.
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    Use Signals : USe all the signals that you have at your disposal. This includes lights and hand signals to alert other drivers of your intentions. You can also use stickers or paint warnings on the sides and rear of the truck so that other drivers are informed to take necessary caution.


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