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Leaving Space is no 1 Driving tip

Simon Sheldon-Wilson, Traffic Management Director for the Highways Agency, says:

14% of casualties on our roads are caused by people tailgating. That’s why we’re reminding people to stay safe and keep at least a 2-second gap from the car in front.

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The fewer claims that you make against  truck or van insurance policy the lower will be your next premium. The number 1 tip is always keep your distance the more equates to lower chance of collision, think of driving on deserted highway. The most common form of collision is the rear collision, someone driving too close or not paying attention to the truck or car in front and slams into your rear. However you do have some control , if for example this happens and you do need to stop or slow down , do it gradually so that the driver behind can stop in time . In emergencies this may not always be possible .

As safely feature increases you will see in trucks that having flashing brake lights that are activated when you break hard, others have emergency lighting to alter the driver behind that they need to slow down quickly. Lane assist in now becoming standard, but even with all these features it is the driver that must stay alert

Time to mention the 2 second rule or better still the 3 second rule that only an idiot would break. Leave at least 2 seconds in dry weather of space in front and more depending on the driving conditions, 4 seconds may be necessary if poor visibility or longer if snow and ice are present and advise then is to double the distance so 4 seconds becomes 8 seconds

Also think ahead and leave space to get out , this can best be achieved by keeping space on both sides, ie never drive along side another vehicle as this severely limits. Accordingly if someone starts to drive alongside you slow down so that the space is regained.

Highways Agency warns tailgaters that 'only a fool breaks the 2-second rule'


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