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HGV Insurance with or without operators licence 

Are you after private owner driver HGV cover? If so, chances are that you have already acquired your operator’s license. You must have a valid ops license to qualify to drive a Heavy Goods Vehicle on the UK road network.

Operating a HGV business without the adequate level of protection can turn out to be a costly mistake. You can never be sure that everything will go as planned whilst on the road. For example, no matter how good your drivers are, they can get involved in accidents due to the mistakes of other road users. 

 It is in your best interest to take out the correct level of HGV cover to protect your business. Safe driving will help bring down insurance premium. For some great advice on staying awake at the wheel of an articulated vehicle check out this informative article courtesy of  the UK government website.

Benefits of comparing insurance costs online

Below we have listed some reasons and benefits for buying business or owner Driver HGV insurance online:

  • Fast and Easy -  You will receive quotes in minutes and when you decide on a particular broker for your HGV insurance you can easily book online and receive all necessary documentation. A selection of payment methods are available including direct debit and credit card.
  • Multiple Quotes The internet lends itself to speeding up the decision making  process by enabling you to compare multiple insurance brokers simply complete one online inquiry form. 
  • When you purchase HGV truck insurance using a specialist web site you will be dealing with an expert that can recommend the insurance the best fits with your business or private needs. 
  • Build a bespoke Quote - The specialist broker is able to tailor the quote with any extra cover for example breakdown cover that suits your individual requirements.
  • Claims Process With the underwriters being experts with years of experience providing insurance for recovery trucks you can be reassured that the claims process has been tuned to be quick and easy. 

The best HGV cover to purchase will depend on the specific needs of your company. For a full and simplified guide to lorry types and weights  please visit the official UK government website.  Consider the following questions to understand what type of HGV cover would be most suitable for you as an owner driver  or a haulage business.

Cover for heavy good vehicles can tailored  to meet with your self drive or business haulage  requirements. The cost of HGV insurance is based on a number of things, such as the number of heavy goods vehicles in your fleet, experience of your drivers, value and age of the vehicles and type of cargo you handle to highlight a few.  Consider the following when apply for cover.

  • Can you increase the insurance excess amount? Doing this will normally bring down the cost of your premium.  
  • What is the age and condition of your heavy goods vehicles?
  • Will you also need cover for goods in transit? If yes what type of goods will you be transported, check exclusions to make sure these are covered. If not work with your broker to get extra cover for these excluded items. 
  • Would you like extras such as public liability and legal expense cover added to your HGV insurance policy?

    Types of HGV insurance available

    Whilst each policy can be tailored to your individual or business needs the basic elements of a good policy would include as a minimum third party cover. Below are listed some of the additional options that you may choose to include in your final policy: 

    • Roadside assistance – This cover can be added into your policy, alternatively you should consider outsourcing this directly to a nationwide breakdown service.
    • Legal expenses – This helps towards any legal fees incurred should you be brought to court by a third party claim.
    • Fully comprehensive cover – Whilst third party is the legal minimum required, upgrading to fully comprehensive will provide additional protection, covering not only your property and vehicle, but also providing protection against personal injury and damage to the third parties.
    • Public liability – Liability claims from a third party are common and should they go against you the amounts can be significant. Including a good level of public liability in your policy will protect you from these cliams.
    • Unable to Drive – Sickness or temporary loss of your HGV licence will  result in a loss of income as you will be unable to drive. If this is a concern then cover can be added to cover for income loss. This type of cover will provide you with an income  if for example you have a  short term illness or need rest after an operation. 

    Comparing commercial truck insurance underwriters policies in one place online is easy, simply select get quote and complete a simple online form. The completed form with your requirements will be automatically distributed to a panel of 30 plus specialist UK brokers. These brokers will provide you with their best quote, letting you select a policy that is within your budget, but also meeting with your haulage business requirements.