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Light Vans Insurance

Protect your LG Van today. Quick quotes from over 40 van insurance brokers

If you own a business that depends on operating 1 or a fleet of  light goods vehicles, then you understand the importance of having a good level of LGV Insurance. In the United Kingdom, you can’t operate a transport company that depends on lg vehicles without obtaining at least third party cover. This niche truck insurance sector is very competitive with some underwriters offering good offers on light goods vehicle insurance in the form of discounts to new start ups. Other prefer to discount a more established business ( less risk ). Most brokers offer packages that combine goods in transit with vehicle cover in the one and same policy. If you intend crossing over to Europe or further afield request the green card be included in your package. The green card ensures that your vehicle is covered on a fully comprehensive basis whilst travelling to Europe. We can also provide competitive quotes for HGV insurance

Driver CPC: the basics

Driver CPC stands for 'Certificate of Professional Competence'. This is to ensure that bus, coach and lorry drivers are continually kept abreast UK safety on and off the road and carries on throughout your driving career.

Levels of LGV Insurance Available for your light Goods Vehicle

  • Third Party

Don’t expect to drive any light goods vehicle legally without "Third Party" only cover as this is legal minimum level of insurance. The product only covers other vehicles and  does not cover any costs associated with your own vehicle . Although it is one of the most affordable as you would expect it offers the least cover but may be an option based on age and cost of your vehicle. 

  • Third Party & Fire plus Theft

Third includes third party cover plus covers Theft and Damage by fire to your own vehicle

  • Comprehensive Cover

This is the highest level of cover and most common form of insurance, it includes Third Party Fire and Theft plus it provides cover to damage to your own vehicle and personal injury.

Highways Agency warns tailgaters that 'only a fool breaks the 2-second rule'

When negotiating your LGV insurance policy it is worth asking for any deals or additional cover for example breakdown recovery or cover for driving in Europe. Getting any extras added into the one policy will normally be a cheaper option than taking these out under separate policies.

  • Public Liability

Liability claims can bring your business down on its knees. Claims against your business can be genuine or in some case a scam, either way these types of claim can end up being fought out in a court. The legal fees alone may have a huge impact on your operating budget if you add in the fact that you may also be liable for medical bills it could be very costly without the correct level of cover in place.  Please also refer to legal fees protection section below.

  • Fleet Cover

Invest in fleet insurance policy if your business requires that you own several work vans that are classed as light goods vehicles. It takes little to manage one singular fleet policy compared to what you would go through trying to take control of multiple individual policies.

  • Legal Fees

Legal fees associated with fighting a liability claim filed against your business can destroy you. For this reason, ask your brokerage to include this cover into the policy that you intend to buy.

  • Breakdown Assistance

Breakdown assistance is necessary if you intend to own and run a successful LGV firm. Taking a separate breakdown cover is a costly undertaking. It’s much better for your business if you add this cover to your already existing LGV insurance policy.

In the past finding the right cover for your LGV could have taken many hours trawling through internet pages or even the yellow pages and many would have settled to stay with their current policy provider, which can be a mistake. The best prices are sometimes reserved for the first time customer so it does pay to check for a better price before automatically renewing your annual cover. Enter your requirements into a simple online form and take advantage of a panel of experienced lorry insurance specialists that will provide you with multiple online quotes in minutes.

Light Vans Insurance

Protect your LG Van today. Quick quotes from over 40 van insurance brokers

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Walk Around Check for Recovery Vehicles
To ensure your vehicle remains legal it is best practice to perform a walk around check before each trip. This is even more applicable in bad weather or when the vehicle you drive may change based on shift patterns should you be working for a large recovery company with a fleet of recovery pickups. For a complete comprehensive guide with advise and tips please refer to this government complied document for drivers of recovery trucks.