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7.5 Tonne Lorry Insurance

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7.5 Ton Lorry Insurance

The 7.5 Tonne lorry  is the perfect vehicle and popular choice for anyone moving into the haulage business. The curtain sided version allows for easy loading and unloading and your goods are still protected, unlike the flat bed option. Another huge bonus in the past was that anyone with a standard driving licence could get behind the steering wheel. However, this is not the case anymore and the driver must qualify by passing a specific test geared to this vehicle size. In addition, you will need a recently introduced diver’s competence certificate. Because of the smaller size, 7.5 tonne lorry insurance will work out cheaper than HGV insurance.

Getting good value cover is important and comparing quotes from multiple underwriters is arguably the first step in the process of finding a suitable policy at a price that protects your lorry and within your operating budget. By comparing lorry  insurance across many brokers you are forcing  underwriters to provide quotes at their best premium, that still makes them a profit without crippling your own business budget. 

If as an owner driver it is your first time buying cover for your 7.5 ton lorry you may find some brokers will offer additional discounts in order to win your business. When you have selected a brokerage, build up a good history of no claims which will reduce the costs come time for policy renewal.

7.5 ton lorry insurance

Ways to reduce your lorry insurance premium

By reducing accidents you will build up a good history of no claims plus your lorry or fleet will spend less time off the road and more time working for you. Many approaches exist, but at the core is good driving and ongoing training to reduce the number of insurance claims.  In addition insist drivers perform a  walk around safety check ona regular basis. Below we have listed other methods that should lead to lower insurance premiums. 

  • No claims History: If you and your drivers have both a clean licence and a good history of no claims the broker will reward this with a cheaper truck insurance quote than someone with endorsements and a history of insurance claims
  • Tighten up on security: Underwriters take many factors into consideration when arriving at an insurance premium for a 7.5 tonne lorry. One of these is the security of your lorry and trucks, as such adding insurance approved gadgets like immobiliser, a telemetric device and providing secure overnight parking will help reduce your annual premium. Also don't forget other things for example reversing alarm to warn nearby pedestrians or other workmates
  • Increase the excess: The excess is the amount that you will be liable for if you are able to increase this your broker should reward you with a premium discount.
  • Reduce admin costs: Pay for your policy annually should also provide a discount to the quoted price. However, brokers are flexible and will accommodate your preferred method be it monthly or quarterly. 
  • Fleet insurance: Often overlooked, but if you have more than one vehicle it will pay to consider taking out fleet cover instead of taking out individual policies.

Types of lorry insurance available

Each policy can be tailored to the needs of the individual or the business. Some of the most common elements included in 7.5 ton truck insurance are listed below:

  • Roadside assistance – This is provides cover should your 7.5t lorry have a mishap on route. As the inevitable does happen and down time can be costly as such give this serious consideration as an integral part of your policy. Even if you already have it in place it’s still worth inquiring how much it would cost since you might be able to save money.
  • Legal expenses – It is always good idea to consider adding legal expenses which will give you protection should you end in a drawn out legal battle over responsibility.
  • Fully comprehensive cover – Fully comprehensive provides the owner diver with full protection for your lorry in any type of accident. In contrast to third party this will also cover your own vehicle should you be involved in an accident that you are deemed responsible for.
  • Third party – Third party is the most affordable cover available and will provide enough protection for you to be able to drive your vehicle legally. This is suited to more careful drivers as your own vehicle will only be covered by a third party’s insurance provider if you’re able to prove they were liable for the collision.
  • Third party, fire & theft – This is the same as third party with the addition that your vehicle will also be insured for damage by fire and theft.
  • Public liability – Liability claims from a third party are common and should they go against you you will most likely leave you facing significant costs which can lead to the end of your profitable haulage business. As such it does make sense to include a good level of public liability in your policy.
  • Loss of licence – A long term sickness or loss of your operating licence can put your commercial business under financial stress. Including a clause for loss of licence and sickness into your policy will ensure you are compensated for any resulting loss of earnings.

Start comparing the costs of lorry insurance

If you are in the market for a good deal on lorry insurance start comparing the costs from multiple suppliers. Fast Trcuk tInsurance works in partnership with  QuoteSearcher who provide a simple form which once completed is submitted to a specialist panel of brokers.

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