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The range of tipper vans is extensive ranging from drop side tippers, back tippers, transit truck tippers, flat bed tippers,  pick-ups - and many more. For this type of cover you need access to  specialist tipper insurance underwriters. We do just that, we can share your requirements with 100 plus such brokers in minutes - Select FAST Quote Now and complete easy online form!

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Tipper Truck Insurance Including Vans

Need Insurance for your  tipper truck fast? Select Fast quote and by completing one simple form within minutes you will start to receive multiple quotes from a panel of 20 and growing specialist underwriters. Repairing or replacing tipper trucks can affect your business revenue significantly due to parts being costly. Moreover, thieves usually target tipper lorries due to their expensive parts. This being the case it is important to have adequate truck insurance cover to protect your tipping truck business from a range of possible risks. Whether you have a single tipping van or operate a fleet you can find the right protection by searching on the Internet. All types of tipper can be covered including side and back tippers.

What type of tipper insurance should you choose?

The type of insurance you should get for your tipper will usually depends on your specific needs and nature of business. You can choose from the following:

  • third party - this type of tipper insurance usually only covers you for damage or injury caused to a third party.

  • third party, theft, and fire - this is similar to third party tipper insurance, but it also covers you if your vehicle is damaged by fire or if it is stolen.

  • fully comprehensive - this type of cover includes the above plus also covers you for accidental damage to your own vehicle. 

Tipper Truck Quotes from over 20 UK suppliers in Minutes

Purchasing Tipper Insurance will cover you for unforeseen circumstances

Insuring your trucks will protect you from losses resulting from damage due to theft, fires, vandalism, accidents and other incidents. Below are some reasons why you should purchase a good level of cover.

  • Tipper Parts are Expensive

If a tipping truck is vandalised or involved in an accident it will be costly to replace the parts. However, if you have the parts included in the lorry policy, you will have saved on the cost of replacing or repairing. Fast truck Insurance can provide insurance for a range of tipping trucks. 

  • Security Measures

Tipping lorries have a high risk of being stolen in the UK as in most countries. Why? Because they are expensive and there is a ready “black market” for them as well or their  parts. Replacing a stolen dump truck can be expensive and may take a huge chunk out of your business capital.

Sometimes your drivers may get involved in accidents where members of the public may be injured. When this happens you will be liable to pay potentially thousands of pounds in compensation. Having adequate cover will help you offset the cost of the claims filed against you or your company. The FAQ section may help with other questions on your liability as owner.

  • Road Accidents

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Get Insurance Quotes from over 20 UK suppliers in minutes

Find Affordable Tipper Van Insurance

Today, it is easy to find cheap or affordable UK van tipper insurance. This has been made possible partly by a number of insurance comparison websites that allow customers to request quotes from multiple brokers at one time.

When you get multiple quotes, you know that you are on the right path to getting a competitive quote for the level of cover that you require. You can compare quotes from different companies to find the underwriter that meets fully with your individual requirements. If you have 2,3,4 or more tippers in operation you should seriously consider  taking out fleet insurance which works out better on many fronts rather than purchasing cover for every individual tipping truck. Renewals and filing claims for a  fleet of trucks is also more manageable.

Whatever the make be it Komatsu, Liebherr, Terex, Caterpillar or Hitachi or any other  model we can provide multiple tipper truck insurance quotes from specialist underwriters that insure this particular category of working tipper lorry or tipping van.

Below are two ways in which you can save money when buying tipper truck insurance:

  • Purchase a fleet policy. If you have more than one tipper van, purchasing fleet cover will help you save money. You can get different types of tipper trucks on one policy plus it makes administration much easier.
  • Pay annually for the policy. Most brokers offer discounts if you pay your policy on an annual basis. You can save significantly if you opt for an annual payment rather than monthly payments.

Get Insurance Quotes from over 20 UK suppliers in minutes