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Skip Lorry insurance for both business and private owner operators can be expensive so it pays to compare the available options available on the UK insurance market. We enable you to receive multiple quotes from a select panel of UK insurance brokers that deal exclusively in lorry insurance.  Getting new insurance or renewing an existing policy spend a few minutes completing a simple online form and received multiple quotes formatted to enable you to scan and compare the various quotes and applicable conditions of cover quickly.  

Skip Lorry Insurance and How You Can Save Money

By law, all vehicles that operate on public roads need to be insured. Should you be driving a particularly large commercial vehicle, extra care needs to be taken when choosing cover. Keeping other road users safe along with being prepared for anything that might happen is priority.

Your skip lorry insurance premium is directly affected by the weight of the vehicle. As is the case with a Skip Lorry, their weight will put them in the ‘heavy’ vehicle category which ranges from 11,794 kg to 14,969, the same category as mobile cranes, garbage trucks, and tractors. The general rule of thumb is; the larger the vehicle, the greater the risk of an accident, along with the fact that more damage can occur in the event of a mishap, so the premium cost will be higher.

Take time to to Determine your exact Insurance Requirements

Obtaining the correct level of cover is crucial. You may be wondering how to go about doing just that. You would be wise to take into consideration the following three things as you search for Skip Lorry Insurance.

  • Any extras you may be looking for.
  • Your individual requirements.
  • Your budget.

Skip Lorry Insurance is designed specifically for lorries that are used for the purpose of moving skips full of rubbish or dirt. Third party insurance is always a good idea to carry, just in case someone is injured, or other vehicles damaged while you are moving a skip. If you are driving commercially, it’s often best to go with a comprehensive policy, as it can give total peace of mind. If your Skip Lorry is your livelihood, addition optional cover such as; legal, breakdown, and medical expenses cover is available.

Despite what you may have heard, finding Skip Lorry Insurance needn’t be difficult. All it really takes is having a thorough understanding of the type of policy you need, then do some comparison shopping. That may sound a little daunting, but it’s far from impossible. Take the time to gather all the necessary information about your lorry and contact a broker. Not just any broker, but one who specialises in getting the best quotes for these big boys. A good broker will be able to save you valuable time, as they will be able to contact multiple insurance providers on your behalf. They can advise you on what type of cover you should consider, tell you about the available options, and more often than not, save you money.

Purchasing Skip Lorry Insurance can indeed be expensive due to the massive weight of the vehicle, the weight of the skip itself, and the density of the cargo you will be transporting, not to mention the size of the actual vehicle. Insuring this beast is a necessity to your business. As a business owner, make sure that you not only get a good quote for your Skip Lorry Insurance policy, but also the best cover available for your needs.

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